The Personal Website of David A Flood, II


David Flood is a PhD Candidate in New Testament and Christian Origins at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

My doctoral research falls broadly within the realm of New Testament Textual Criticism. My research interests include Greek manuscript studies, textual relationships, paleography, digital humanities, the biblical themes of death and violence, and Christian ethics. You can find more information about each of these interests by using the navigation bar above. You can contact me by email or connect with me on a social network by using the links in the footer.

This website is a place to exhibit my academic and hobby projects. Concerning academics, here you can find my past and upcoming conference presentations, the state of my New Testament and Early Christianity Research, the digital humanities tools that I have used in my research as well as those that I have developed.

My hobbies include fingerstyle guitar and developing desktop and web applications.

Finally, this is also the home of my personal blog, which is an informal place for me to share thoughts and news related to all of the above topics.

Welcome and all the best,