"Digital Humanities" is a term for a broad field that incorporates traditional humanities studies and digital tools.

Computer Tools for New Testament Textual Criticism

Textual criticism is far from being done by computers. The traditional methods and canons still dominate the day to day work of text critics. However, it is also true that computer tools are enabling analysis that has been previously impossible and speeding up some of the more tedious tasks. As I find the time, I would like to include introductions and tutorials to these tools and publish them here.

I have experimented with a variety of software products, including the standard tools used to aid the creation of our standard critical editions and apparatuses such as the ECM, NA, and UBS editions.

Technological development is happening from within and outside of the traditional centers of New Testament textual criticism (namely, INTF in Germany and IGNTP in the UK). The tools that I am using in my own research include:

Integrating all of these tools requires some computer proficiency (such as comfort with the terminal) or a willingness and patience to learn. I hope to make these tools even more accessible to others working in textual studies who do not also moonlight as coders.

Along the way I used other tools that, while being well-designed, were not suitable for my exact use case. These and others I will blog about from time to time and include the link to those blog articles here.