Software Development

Web and Desktop Application Development

I began teaching myself programming so that I could use existing tools for textual analysis. My goal was to apply these new skills and tools to my PhD research. Fueled by interest and strict lockdowns (Covid-19), I am now proficient enough in the Python programming language to develop desktop and web applications. The backend of this website, for example, is a Django and Wagtail app deployed using Docker and a container hosting service.

Two desktop applications that I use daily in my research are TranscribEdit and Apparatus Explorer. I also mention these on the digital humanities page. I developed TranscribEdit specifically to (1) create transcriptions that include important encodings such as corrections and lacunae and (2) be saved natively as a JSON file since the collation tool I prefer (the Collation Editor) takes input only as pre-tokenized JSON files structured in a very specific way.

I developed Apparatus Explorer to help visualize the output of the Collation Editor, add and save <arc> elements for encoding genealogical relationships between readings, generating graphs with GraphViz, exporting the file to DOCX as an ECM style apparatus for a print edition, and preparing a collation file for use in the open-cbgm.

For examples of my other software development projects, please see my Github.